4 years ago...

An idea born in a West Cork bedroom that took two chancers to the back streets of Naples. Bluffing their way into kitchens with no more Italian than a “come stai (how ya) lads?”

The boys arrived home with a plan, to pair the methods they learned in Naples with the best Irish ingredients they could find.

no fuss....

Our mantra is “No fuss, just pizza” because we believe in doing one thing and doing it well. A Ritas pizza cooks in 90 seconds but the dough took years to perfect, hours to make and two days to rise before making that pie.

This is fast food, done slow. Done right.


Our team at Ritas has grown over time, with members from Cork, Dublin, Italy and around the world all offering their own flavour and culture to the party. Creating a relaxed and enjoyable place to work, helps make Ritas a chilled and fun place to come and eat.